Refurbished Gaggia New Baby Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

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Save on a like-new Refurbished Gaggia New Baby Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine.

The Gaggia New Baby puts a new twist on a time-honored Gaggia design. A stainless steel front panel, updated control panel, and your choice of black or ivory housing create an elegant presentation for top-notch espresso brewing components. A commercial-style portafilter and group head, three-way solenoid valve, and ESE (Easy Serve Espresso) pod capability make this semi-automatic machine a versatile addition to any kitchen counter.

The control panel on the Gaggia New Baby is beautiful in its simplicity. Just 3 buttons on this espresso machine let you control all of the functions, from brewing delicious espresso shots to frothing pitchers of milk for cappuccinos and lattes. The Turbo Frother attachment on the steam wand makes frothing easy, so you can whip up plenty of delicious drinks for guests as an after dinner treat. Plus, the New Baby’s removable water reservoir and drip tray make cleaning a snap.

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Features & Benefits: Coffee

Simple Controls

A 3-button control panel is located on the top front of the New Baby. These buttons, from left to right, control brewing, power, and heating the machine up to steaming temperature. In between the power and steaming buttons is the temperature indicator light that will illuminate while the boiler is heating up to proper temperature.

Commercial-style Portafilter and Brew Group

The New Baby has a commercial-style portafilter and brew group that are made of marine-grade brass. They are chrome-plated for a stylish look, and their brass construction offers excellent heat stability for your espresso shots. With a commercial-style portafilter, you can explore the art of traditional espresso making and have the ability to tamp your own shots.

ESE Pod Ready

For those who enjoy the convenience of brewing with ESE pods, the New Baby comes with a special filter basket just for that. ESE pods are pre-measured, pre-tamped packets of espresso that can be placed in the portafilter, brewed, and dropped right into the trash. They create consistently delicious shots every time you brew, and are perfect for espresso-lovers on the go.

Three-way Solenoid Valve

To ensure pressure is relieved from your group head after brewing, the Gaggia New Baby has a three-way solenoid valve. This results in precise pressure regulation as you brew and drier espresso pucks, so disposal is simple. Plus, there’s no need to worry about a soupy, dripping mess on your counters.

Fast-acting Boiler

The boiler on the Gaggia New Baby has 2 heating elements for even heat distribution. This also helps to make heat up a rapid process, perfect for mornings when you’re in a rush, or when making drinks for guests. Its 3.5 oz capacity also helps to ensure quick heat up time.

Features & Benefits: Frothing and Hot Water

Hot Water Dispensing

If you need hot water for americanos, tea, or hot chocolate, the Gaggia New Baby can instantly dispense it from the steam wand. Simply press the brewing button and open the steam wand using the knob on the top of the machine. When your desired amount of hot water has been reached, just turn the steam knob to the off position.

Turbo Frother

The Turbo Frother attachment on the steam wand lets even novices create luscious frothed or steamed milk for café-style drinks. This black plastic attachment directs steam into your pitcher evenly, so milk is quickly and effectively frothed. This is a great feature when entertaining guests who love cappuccinos and lattes.

Features & Benefits: Care, Maintenance, & Other

Water Reservoir

The water reservoir on the Gaggia New Baby has a 60 oz capacity, enough for almost 32 espresso shots. It can be easily filled in place, or removed for cleaning. Plus, the reservoir is made of clear plastic, so you can quickly monitor your water levels with a glance.

Removable Drip Tray

Few things are worse on an espresso machine than a complicated drip tray. To make cleaning simple, the New Baby features a drip tray that’s easy to remove. At the end of the day, it can be rinsed with warm water and cleaned with non-abrasive detergent.

Housing Construction

The Gaggia New Baby is housed in durable thermo-set plastic in your choice of ivory or black. Both colors feature a polished stainless steel front panel for a modern, attractive look.


The Gaggia New Baby comes with a detailed instruction manual, coffee scoop, tamper, and single, double, and ESE pod filter baskets.

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Davi Parrish asked:
posted on Oct 01, 2014 02:20PM


Can this machine use the double shot pods?

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mjackson aswered:
I am afraid it will only work iwth single shot ESE pods. We only have a couple of machines that will brew double pods adn they are smmall commercial machines. Like theh Grimac. 
Davi Parrish aswered:
Thank you so much for your time.

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