Refurbished Jura Impressa C9 One Touch

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One of the most compact One Touch automatic coffee centers available today, the C9 One Touch offers the ultimate in user-friendly technology, and is fully programmable for all coffee, frothing and hot water functions. In just seconds, the C9 grinds, tamps and brews. Without ever having to move the cup, it dispenses hot water for Café Americano or tea, and froths or steams milk for cappuccinos or lattes.

Whether you’re making one cup at a time or two, the C9 One Touch lets you set temperature, volume and strength for each button, while the Auto Cappuccino System makes for easy frothing and steaming. Expect to create coffee perfection each and every time with professional-quality features including a commercial-grade conical burr grinder, automatic cleaning cycles, bright LED display and the Clearyl water filtration system that purifies your water, while significantly reducing the need for decalcification. And with its sleek, elegant black finish and chrome accents, it’s truly like having a coffee bar in your kitchen.


Tere asked:

What is included with this refurbished unit. For example, the new unit includes milk steaming carafe, cleaning and descaling tablets, water filter and milk container cleaner, and coffee and coffee container.

Answer by mjackson:

It comes with all the same items as a new machine the ones you listed.Not the coffee and coffee container. It gives you all the stuff to maintain your machine same as new. 

Answer by mjackson:

It comes with all the same items as a new machine the ones you listed.Not the coffee and coffee container. It gives you all the stuff to maintain your machine same as new. 

Adil asked:

Hi there! If I had this shipped to Canada, do you know if the warranty would be honoured or would I have to ship to the states?

Answer by Sanfam:

At this time, the Warranty on Jura Capresso machines purchased from retailers within the United States is only valid within the United States.  As such, we are unable to offer these machines for sale to Canadian customers.

jeffchia asked:

Some of these makers don't have enough room for a decent size coffee mug.  

Answer by ShaneAncefsky-Sales:


The height you can fit underneath the spouts is 4.25 Inches.  Shane

Al asked:

Does the conical burr grinder work better than the ceramic one for dark espresso roast beans?

Answer by mjackson:

Actually I would say it is better to not use a dark oily bean at all . They will eventually cause problems. The Ceramic burrs are a little better but still use a bean like Lavazza Super crema to get that rich taste and it is not an oily bean.

William asked:

Do you have to use the stainless steel vacuum milk container or will any container work for the froth express?

Answer by mjackson:

You don't have to use it but it works well and is very convenient.

Scott asked:

1) Who does the refurbishment, the manufacture or Whole Latte Love? 2) If needed who performs a future warrantee service?

Answer by Maggie:

Jura-Capresso does the refurbishing of all of their machines, and they get shipped directly from Jura-Capresso. Jura-Capresso does all of their technical support as well, in addition to any warranty or repair work.

Ryan asked:

Where do you buy the pictured stainless steel vacuum milk container?

Answer by mjackson:

We sell it see here - Hope that help[s and have a great day.

Monika M asked:

What is the warranty on this refurbished Jura-Capresso C9?

Answer by mjackson:

Monika a great buy with a one year warrant through Jura.


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