Saeco Intenza Water Filter Cartridge

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The Saeco Intenza Water Filter Cartridge represents innovative Swiss technology that reduces lime scale build-up giving you longer machine life and optimized brewing pressure with consistent temperature. Individual adjustment of the unique INTENZA Aroma System allows performance tailored to your water type and gives you freshly filtered water on demand. The INTENZA also reduces other substances that may affect smell and taste such as chlorine. As a result, you get a perfect cup of coffee with a natural and intense aroma and rich and creamy foam.

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cindy asked:
posted on Sep 14, 2014 07:05PM

water filter

What filter do we use with the Talea Giro?  Filter number?

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mjackson aswered:
You want to use the Mavea Intenza filter -

Alton Pugh asked:
posted on Jul 27, 2014 11:43AM

water filter for Vienna plus

What is the part number for Saeco Vienna Plus  water filter?   

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Erik aswered:
Thank you for the question but the Saeco Vienna Plus does not use a water filter. 

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