Sowden Joe SoftBrew Tea Maker

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The Sowden stainless steel filter is the key to good brewing using thousands of precision phto-etched micro-holes from

The Sowden Joe SoftBrew Tea Pot is similar to the Sowden Joe SoftBrew coffee makers. It employs the micro-engineered stainless steel filter technology and precision made porcelain pots and lids to create a tea brewing pot with superb characteristics. The large easy-flow stainless steel filter basket suspends your loose-leaf tea in the pot of hot water and gently extracts the entire available flavor from the tea.

You can use rough or fine cut or rolled teas without consequence, and you can mix them to create your own special herbal mixes. The secret is in the micro-engineered stainless steel filter that has thousands of tiny holes produced by an advanced technology photo-etching process on very expensive equipment.

The Chinese porcelain pots and lids are very carefully crafted to mate with the high precision filters making a beautiful tea brewer that is easy to maintain and keep clean and should last longer than a lifetime.

Sowden stainless steel coffee filter rinses clean under the tap from

Cleanup is a breeze; normally just rinsing the filter under the tap is all that is needed. All components are dishwasher safe as well.

The Sowden Joe SoftBrew Tea Pot is a 41oz 8 cup model.

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What's Brewing! A new series from Whole Latte Love TV

Posted By: Nick B
Oct 10, 2012 04:06PM
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We’ve got plenty of reasons to be excited here at Whole Latte Love, one of which being the all new teapots we just got in from Sowden, another being the new series on our Youtube channel. The Oskar and Joe SoftBrew porcelain teapots raise the bar with their stark yet elegant design and their ergonomic design features. Click here for more details from Morgan on episode one of What's Brewing! Oh, and if you haven't already, click the button below to subscribe to our Youtube channel!

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