Standard Coffee Measuring Spoon

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The Standard Coffee Measuring Spoon has a long 8.5” handle to allow you to reach into a coffee bag or jar. It is made with stainless steel for durability and has a 2-shot (2 tablespoons) capacity. For your convenience, the Standard Coffee Measuring Spoon is dishwasher safe.

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Stephen asked:
posted on Jun 06, 2013 10:47PM

Question by Stephen S.

I'm looking for a measuring spoon or scoop that will replace the plastic By-pass Doser scoop for the Saeco Exprelia.... Is there a replacement for that or is there another scoop or spoon that will measure out the proper amount of coffee?

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techkathy aswered:
This scoop will replace the bypass scoop for the Exprelia. It is a standard 7 gram coffee scoop.

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