Teaposy Concert Series Concerto

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Beauty and taste. When we sit down to truly savor a dish or a drink, everything must be in balance. Watch osmanthus, a delicate white flower, bloom among the softly curving lily petals – all against the rich caramel color of oolong tea. Breathe in deeply to catch every scent rising from this delicate blend. Fruity, floral notes blend with more earthy flavors, giving you an experience like no other. The health benefits of this blend are numerous and impressive. So drink up – drink to beauty, to taste, and to health.

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Features and Benefits

Flavors and Aromas

The delicate, earthy flavor of oolong tea is best described as both similar to black and green tea. Teaposy brings out oolong’s naturally fruity finish with the addition of lily and osmanthus blossoms, which bring with them sweet floral notes and the scent of apricots. All together, this brisk, full-bodied tea has hints of spice and citrus with a mellow finish. Such an indulgence has never been so guilt-free.

Wellness and Strength

This blend is well flavored with sweet and floral notes, so you won’t find yourself reaching for sugar or artificial sweeteners while you enjoy. Teaposy Concerto is virtually calorie-free; enjoy it as is, for the best taste and the most health benefits.

Just as the flavors blend and balance each other, the health benefits are in sync too. Lily is said to reduce the symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) and help relieve stress and tension. Osmanthus is said to help relieve tension headaches and relax the body – the perfect complement to the relaxing effects of watching Teaposy bloom. Although oolong may sound unfamiliar to us, it has been a part of Chinese tradition for over 400 years. With only 20 to 55 milligrams of caffeine per cup as compared to coffee’s 115 milligrams per cup, oolong can give you just the little bit of extra energy you need. It has been shown to aid in weight loss and reduce cholesterol levels due to its ability to activate enzymes that dissolve fat in the body.

Convenient Choice

Some days we have the time to sit and savor Concerto’s beautiful presentation. Other days are more rushed; we want the flavors and health benefits of Concerto on the go. With that in mind, Teaposy’s Concerto comes in a pyramid nylon sachet. Bring the sachet with you and brew in the sachet when you can’t brew loose-leaf tea. However, when you open the sachet and brew loose-leaf tea it’s easier to enjoy the blossoming flowers and colors, especially if you use a glass teapot.


Individually sealed in anti-oxygen, anti-moisture packaging for freshness, your Teaposy Concerto meets world-class safety standards before entering the States. Each sachet of Teaposy Concerto is beautifully packaged with a Teaposy logo and rests inside a bright, colorful Teaposy box.

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Relish the Concert of Teaposy

Posted By: Tracys
Jul 30, 2010 12:06PM
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As most classic music buffs know, a concert is a piece of music written for an orchestra and soloist. Everyone form Mozart to Vivaldi and Beethoven wrote their fair share and modern composers continue writing them today. A successful concert is the result of the orchestra carefully balancing the soloist, creating a dialogue, and enhancing the beauty and the balance. This is the concept behind Teaposy concert series teas; each tea is an orchestrated combination of unique flavors playing the perfect concert. The teaposy loose leaf tea assortment consists of four varieties: Sonata, Symphony, Concerto and Duet. Here is a closer look of what makes up each one of these teas: Sonata This refreshing, caffeine-free blend creates a delicious herbal infusion. Teaposy Concert Series Sonata is a bouquet of lavender, lily, hibiscus, rose, forget-me-not, Chinese globeflower and sweet leaves. Sweet leaves have been used to naturally add sweetness to foods and beverages for centuries, giving a slightly sweet taste without the calories associated with cane sugar. When brewed, this herbal infusion has a light-bodied pink hue and delicate fruity flavors. Symphony This herbal tea is carefully balanced for a complex, refreshing flavor. Teaposy Concert Series Symphony is a caffeine-free herbal infusion made up of mint leaves, osmanthus, chrysanthemum, Chinese globeflower, jasmine, honeysuckle, and barley. With its light-bodied, golden color and minty sweet taste, Symphony has unmistakable flavors and aromas to be enjoyed anytime. Concerto Enjoy the delicate combination of lily, osmanthus blossoms and organic oolong tea with Teaposy Concert Series Concerto. The perfect balance of traditional tea and whole flowers, Concerto creates a brisk, full-bodied brew with hints of citrus and spice. Duet Teaposy Concert Series Duet brings together organic pu-erh tea and whole chrysanthemum blossoms for the perfect anytime tea. Pu-erh tea is an organic, specially aged tea with a pronounced earthy flavor. When combined with chrysanthemum, it creates a full-bodied tea with a refined, toasty flavor and hints of nuts. The Concert Series proves that choice is good, letting you decide whether you want to brew with the specially designed sachet or loose-leaf tea. When brewed loose, the dried flowers and leaves open and create a mesmerizing and beautiful display. This revolutionary sachet makes the Concert Series easy to enjoy when you’re in a rush, you can also make the tea for relaxing, meditative moment, when you can open the sachet and watch the flowers and leaves steep. Each box contains 12 pyramid-shaped nylon sachets. Teaposy Concert Series teas are individually sealed in anti-oxygen, anti-moisture packaging for freshness, and are presented in Teaposy’s elegant gift boxes. Next time you are in the mood for a refreshing drink, grab one of these teas: sit back and enjoy the concert. Tracy Sales Department

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