Teaposy L'amour Gift Set

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6x Individual Bud - Heart of Love BULK $11.94
1x Teaposy Tea for Two Teapot $0.00
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Refresh and rejuvenate with an orange-lily blossom and the finest silver-needle white tea. The L’amour gift set captures the delicately sweet flavor of the Heart of Love Teaposy. Watch your blossoming rose in the 16 oz, hand-blown Tea for Two teapot featuring a removable glass tea infuser. The L’amour gift set also includes six Heart of Love Teaposies, each brewing up to 50 oz of this aromatic tea.

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Features & Benefits

Hand-Crafted Quality

From start to finish, every Teaposy is carefully crafted by hand to create a blooming work of art. First, the tea is handpicked, dried, and withered for two hours at 212° to remove impurities. Then, the Silver Needle Tea is sorted leaf by leaf and placed in bundles of equal length and weight. Once sorted, fresh flowers and the Silver Needle White Tea are hand-sewn together to create the beautiful shapes revealed during the brewing process.


Immediately after each teaposy is created, it is vacuum-sealed for freshness, ensuring it arrives at your home just as it left the Fujian Province in China. Each attractive box contains 6 Teaposy buds, ready to be brewed, enjoyed, and displayed.

Made from Recycled Material

The entire Teaposy Glassware collection is made from 20% recycled material for a tea experience that is not only beautiful, but also environmentally friendly. With all natural teas and partially recycled glassware, Teaposy offers an exceptional assortment of products to capture the art of blooming tea.

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Discover the unique flavor of Teaposy

Posted By: Tracys
Jul 02, 2010 10:55AM
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Ever wonder what a Teaposy flowering tea taste like? This is a question we receive quite frequently. Teaposy teas are created from the finest Silver Needle White Tea, and lightly scented with fresh Jasmine flowers. Each tea is individually hand-sewn with cotton thread combining tea leaves and a real flower. A sip of these remarkable teas reveals a subtle jasmine aroma and a lingering pure, sweet finish. But this is where the likeness ends… Each Teaposy bloom is crafted with a different type of flower, infusing them with distinct and rare qualities found only in nature. White tea is very light and allows the flavors to be subtle and pleasing to the pallet. The white tea also has very little caffeine, due to the tea not being dried several times like green or black tea. Here is a breakdown of the flavor profile for each tea: Heart of Love: Light-bodied with a golden, honey-colored hue Refreshing, slightly tangy flavor with notes of ripe citrus Intensely aromatic and floral finish Leaves a natural, sweet rose taste on the palate Bright, lively and tangy, this tantalizing tea has notes of fresh ripe citrus. A light-bodied golden cup, its flavor bathes your mouth with the aroma of roses and awakens your senses. A perfect pick-me-up after a long morning or day. Calendula: Medium-bodied with a light yellowish-gold color Opulent, floral flavor Reminiscent of toasted nuts Long-lasting sweet aftertaste Like drinking in a field of flowers in full bloom, this memorable tea is medium-bodied with a long-lasting floral aftertaste. Smooth and slightly nutty, the rich taste lingers on the palate. Refresh the senses with the sunny flavors of spring and summer. Red Song: Medium-bodied with a rosy hue Refined, sweet flavor with a hint of ripe plum Slightly dry, memorable finish Soft, mild and aromatic The refined taste of carnation combines with subtle jasmine to fill the mouth with a soft and mild fragrance. With the ever so slight tang of fresh plums, this memorable tea will delight the senses. Drift away after a lovely dinner with this magnificent companion. Noble Essence: Medium-bodied with a light golden color Rich, complex flavor with hints of pear and oak Floral, nectar-like sweetness Sophisticated and delicious with a warm, toasty mouthfeel This deep, rich tea is medium-bodied with a nectar-like sweetness that lingers on the palate. Intense, complex flavors with creamy hints of pear and oak, like a golden swath of brocade. A nice accompaniment to a midmorning or afternoon snack. Let it Snow: Light to medium-bodied with a light, yellowish-gold hue, Lingering, mildly nutty flavor like toasted pinenuts Refreshing and naturally sweet Aromatic with notes of citrus This distinctive, pure tea has a smooth, almost chewy texture. Dry and slightly nutty, its heady floral aroma and sweet aftertaste is complemented by a slight tartness. Luxuriate in a sea of mums, and sip in the freshness of a crisp, sunny day. Lady Fairy: Light to medium-bodied with a light golden color Smooth, slightly tangy flavor Deep, rich notes of lily and jasmine Sweet, long-lasting aftertaste Light and smooth, this tea floods the mouth with a heady floral fragrance and a sweet, light tangy flavor. The lily provides a depth of character, which is at once relaxing and stimulating. Enjoy on a moonlit night, surrounded by pillows of jasmine in bloom. Butterfly: Medium-bodied Light yellow hue with a blush of pink Ripe berry-like flavors Pure, fresh and elegant floral finish Slightly astringent with a mellow, dry mouthfeel Fresh and lively, this tea has a complex, slightly dry berry-like flavor. High notes of jasmine mingle with the smooth, sweet understated elegance of white tea, creating a bright brew that rejuvenates and refreshes the senses. Enjoy alone or with a light dessert. Falling Water: Light to medium-bodied with a very light, yellowish hue Delicious, smooth taste reminiscent of butter and hazelnuts Full of texture and sweetness like soft wildflower honey Unique and fresh, with the aroma of jasmine Like wildflower honey, this tea is endowed with an effervescent character and a full, rich mouthfeel. Light, almost nutty, it has a soft texture and long-lasting aromatic finish. Drink a cup and harmonize with the elements of nature. As you can see, each tea offers a very distinct flavor profile. They are not only beautiful to look as, but can awaken many senses on your tongue. Each of the Teaposy gift sets comes complete with an assortment of different teaposies. Have you recently tried Teaposy? What was your favorite Teaposy? Tracy Sales Department

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