It’s the great pumpkin contest 2!

We Have a Winner!
Congratulations to Mr. Pino, the winner of our 2nd Annual Great Pumpkin Contest. We had a lot of great entries this year and hope everyone had fun solving our little pumpkin problem.

Now onto the answer: In the instance that you ever stumble upon an enormous pumpkin, with an internal diameter of 48 inches, filled with only whole bags of Orange County Chopper Coffee Beans and decide to brew 1 oz shots with the required 7 grams of coffee per shot, you’ll end up with a lot of espresso. More specifically if you take pi out to 31 places, one for each of our mathematicians, then you will be able to brew 53,264 or 53,265 1 oz shots. [We accepted both answers due to the fact that we did not specify what conversion to use from ounces to grams.]

Now that’s a lot of fuel for the road!

Congratulations again to Mr. Pino and thanks for all of the entries! See you next year!

The Great Pumpkin Contest: Part Deux
Put on your thinking caps one more time - because we’re holding our Great Pumpkin Contest once again! For the second year in a row, Whole Latte Love will give participants a chance to win a new Gaggia Classic Espresso Machine if they solve this algebraic equation correctly!

The Problem:
After our three-year-old thinker jumped off the super-sized pumpkin to explore the rest of the farm, we filled this enormous pumpkin with Orange County Chopper Coffee Beans. While the diameter of this pumpkin itself measured 58 inches, the internal diameter, after we hollowed it out, measured only 48 inches. If every 12 oz bag of Orange County Chopper Coffee Beans measures 6 ½” x 3 ¼” x 2 ½” and every 1 oz shot requires 7 grams of coffee, how many 1 oz shots will we be able to brew using the internal volume of this pumpkin grown at Goat Hill Farms in Marion, NY?

During this experiment only whole bags of Orange County Chopper Coffee Beans were used. Additionally, we set 31 places for our mathematicians to enjoy pumpkin pie.

To Enter:
Simply send the correct answer to with subject line "Pumpkin Contest Entry" by 11:59 PM on October 31, 2006. Submit as may different answers as you like. A winner will be drawn at random from correct entries and notified Nov 1, 2006.