Tea and Tea Products

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Our tea collection features some of the most unique and creative tea products available! Choose from our selection of fine quality tea, blossoming tea, hand-blown glassware, and designer tea sets to discover a style that is just for you.

One stop shopping for the tea lover in your life.

Experience Teaposy's beautiful blooming teas, hand-blown glassware, and stunning gift sets.

Delicious tea needs to be served properly. Choose from understated clear glass to unique tea dams.


Any and all products you may need to make your favorite tea including infusers, pots and tea presses.
Tea Presses

Serve tea in beautiful glassware, sturdy cast iron, or decorative porcelain. Make your own statement!

Blooming tea becomes a beautiful centerpiece with our selection of glassware from Teaposy and Bonjour.


High-quality loose leaf tea from Te Teas and Teaposy only take minutes to brew.

Brew one cup quickly with convenient tea bags in a multitude of flavors.

Enjoy the same relaxing tea experience sooner without any of the measuring or mess— using pre-packaged, pre-measured cartridges and capsules. It's as easy as one, two, tea!


From cordless to programmable electric kettles, find a diverse line here— from Breville to OXO and more.

Tea warmers not only keep your tea hot, but brighten the room at the same time.