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Cleaning & Maintenance Answers

Question Submitted by Tova Cohen
How often should I descale my machine and what should I use? click to open/closeopen and close answer
  • DeLonghi recommends using Durgol, and you should descale/decalcify about once every 3 months depending on your water quality. Some DeLonghi machines even have built-in message systems to notify you when it is time to descale. You can purchase Durgol by following the links below. Durgol Express is ideal for coffee makers, and Durgol Swiss Espresso is recommended for espresso machines.

    Durgol Express Descaler

    Durgol Swiss Espresso Descaler

    Why Decalcify?

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Question Submitted by Sharon Marshall
Where can I get maintenance advice? click to open/closeopen and close answer
  • All technical advice, repairs, and parts are handled by DeLonghi. We can provide you with a phone number to reach them, which is 1-800-767-3554. hey will be able to provide you with helpful hints, suggestions, and support.

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