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Question Submitted by Michael Grixti
How do I get rid of the ventilate message? click to open/closeopen and close answer
  • "Ventilate" simply means that there is an air pocket caught in the system and running water through it can fix the problem. When the ventilate message appears, you will need to run hot water through your steam/hot water wand as if you were going to fill your cup with hot water. If the message does not go away after doing so, you will have to run hot water through your wand continuously into an empty container (emptying one full water reservoir if not more). Once your display screen reads "Select Product, ready for use," you will be ready to brew delicious coffee again.

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    04/12/09 at 09:39 AM by Gerry Beronja
    The secret as learned from WLL support: use Durgol special decalcifier. Had been using powder stuff. First time with Durgol, it took chunks of scale!

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