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Durable and thick walls make these simple white cups a bargain. Available in espresso (3oz) cups (2.25" x 2.5") with or without saucer, cappuccino (6oz) cups with or without saucer (3.5" x 2.75"), or Latte mugs (12oz) (3" x 4") with or without saucer.

Matching cappuccino saucers can be found here.


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These plain white cups are perfect for serving rich, velvety cappuccinos in almost any setting. They are available individually and have an 8 oz capacity. Matching saucers are also available.

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Recent questions
Liz asked:
posted on Dec 18, 2012 01:44PM

Question by Liz C.

Hi there! Can I get the product code for the saucer? Thanks.
Ed aswered:
The saucers which would go with these can be found here: http://www.wholelattelove.com/WholeLatteLove/white_cappuccino_saucers.cfm Let us know if your need help finding anything else.