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5 Creative Coffee Hacks

Do you have coffee beans or grounds lying around your house? Here are 5 creative coffee hacks worth trying!

1. Clean your garbage disposal

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A concoction of coffee grounds, salt, and baking soda will sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal. Additionally, the coffee will freshen the smell of the sink. See article here.


2. Stain wood

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Just like how coffee stains clothing when it's spilled, you're able to use a coffee ground mixture in place of a normal wood stain. See article here.


3. Eliminate odors

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After cooking with smelly things like garlic and onions, try rubbing your hands with ground coffee. Do you have smelly shoes? Put ground coffee in a sock and tie it shut, and leave it in your shoes overnight. If your fridge has a terrible odor, an open container coffee grounds can get rid of the smell, similar to baking soda. See article here.


4. Clean dirty pots and pans

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Coffee grounds can be used with a dish rag to get rid of grease and grime. See article here. 


5. Use as an ingredient in a recipe/baked good

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Coffee can be used to add a special kick to things like chili or pork chops. It can also be added to give desserts a distinctive coffee taste for things such as chocolate cheesecake or cookies! See recipes here.