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5 Hot Coffee Drink Recipes

It's getting snowy here in Upstate New York. To keep yourself warm in these chilly winter months, here are five hot coffee recipes!

1. Ultimate Irish Coffee

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Irish coffee isn't just for St. Patrick's day! All you need is some Irish whisky, brown sugar, espresso, and whipped cream. See recipe here.


2. Milky Way Cappuccino

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Make your favorite candy bar into your favorite cappuccino! See recipe here.


3. Hot Butterscotch Toffee Coffee

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Any coffee drink that has whipped cream, butterscotch sauce drizzle and toffee crumbles will keep you warm during the winter. Yum! See recipe here.


4. Spicy Mocha

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This recipe is super hot, and is guaranteed to keep you warm. See recipe here.


5. Cinnamon Bun Latte

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The perfect breakfast treat is now in liquid/caffeinated form! See recipe here

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