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Your Personal Barista, The Super-Automatic Espresso Machine

Perfect machine for the workaholic

A super-automatic espresso machine is for the busiest of coffee lovers, and anyone who needs their morning cappuccino to survive another day at the office. While working hard everyday, let this coffee machine take a load off of your shoulders. Mornings can be chaotic, but with a super-automatic espresso machine you can own the morning with just the press of a button.

A super-auto does all of the work for you, so let’s go over some of the features you can expect from a super-auto that allows them to make your life that much easier.

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Cafe Espresso at Home: Why You Should Get A Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine

Why You Should Get A Semi-Auto

If you're seeing this, you probably have a lot of questions about getting into home espresso. With countless choices on the market between this coffee maker or that espresso machine, you've likely discovered that making the correct choice isn't quite as simple as a single online search and making a purchase. With that, you may already know that there are a few types of espresso machine that describe, in broad strokes, what they're capable of and how they're used. We would like to simplify all of that.

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The Best of the Best: Why You Should Get a Prosumer Machine

If you're in the market for a new espresso machine, chances are you've been staggered by the sheer volume of choices available to you. There's a lot to choose from out there and the path toward brewing great coffee at home can feel nothing short of labyrinthine. If you're serious about your espresso and you want to brew the best drinks with the best equipment available, that choice can be that much more difficult. So, with that, we wanted to take a moment and go over who a prosumer machine is for and why that is, in detail.

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The Art of Manual Coffee Brewing and Why You Should Try it

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We shouldn’t forget about the connection we can have with our coffee. Some of us need a machine that can do everything for us, saving precious minutes in the morning while still providing cafe-quality espresso. On the other hand, some might value their coffee preparation as a great use of their time. Disconnecting from the world of whirring machines and busy cafes to make a real effort into preparing coffee can be just as rewarding as making a home-cooked meal or building something on your own.

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Third Wave Coffee Explained

You've probably arrived here having just heard the term "Third Wave Coffee," wondering why the term exists at all. You like your coffee; it's hot, it wakes you up, and it really doesn't need to be more complicated than that. Or, maybe you're wondering what our definition is since, it would seem, everybody's take is a little bit different. Either way, the question exists. What is it, and why should you care? Today, we take a shot at demystifying Third Wave Coffee.

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The Top 5 Best Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines of 2018

Hey espresso lovers, today we reveal our picks for the top five best espresso machines of 2018. These are our picks in five different categories ranging from best entry-level machine up to our favorite plumbable rotary pump dual-boiler boiler machine. We’ll also give our picks for best overall value, best heat-exchange machine, and best brand design. Along with our top machines in each category we’ll have some honorable mentions for your consideration.

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How to Find the Right Grind for Your Brew Method

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just say, "oh, that’s easy use a 3 for espresso, 20 for drip and 30 for press?" Unfortunately, even though most burr grinders have some reference numbers for grind size, the problem is they don’t transfer between grinders. So you can’t just say, if you have grinder “X” you should set it to such and such number for making drip coffee. This guide will help you zero in on the proper grind size depending on your brewing method and learn how grind affects flavor.

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How To Use a Bottomless Portafilter to Improve Espresso Technique

Learn how to use a bottomless portafilter to improve your espresso extractions and learn your machine. Marc from WholeLatteLove.com takes you through 12 naked extractions on the Profitec Pro 800 lever machine. See the extractions up close as he describes what he learned from each shot about his technique and the machine.

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Gaggia Brera Review

Working in a company like Whole Latte Love that encourages you to test the products it sells is a wonderful experience. Especially if you like using the products! Customers get great information and opinions from actual hands on testing, and I get to enjoy some of the finest coffee drinks anyone can make for free!

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The Rocket Espresso Evoluzione V2

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that I fell in love with Rocket Espresso machines after my dalliance with the Rocket Espresso R58 Dual Boiler machine. So, I was ecstatic this week when two new Rocket Espresso boxes turned up in my office. The Evoluzione V2 machines are the most advanced iterations of Rocket's line of Cellini and Giotto home espresso machines and I could hardly wait to get them out of the box.

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