Whole Latte Love Angel Bean

New, Exclusive Coffee

We are excited to premier our newest and most exclusive coffee ever, Delusia Pretend Blend! Delusia Blend coffee has a pedigree like no other. Originally dating back to the Han Dynasty, historians believe some of its seed-bearing coffee berries were transported from the east by a flock of lost migratory birds to a secret island in Lake Erie c. 720 AD. Here they were harvested by a little-known sect of Druids who called themselves the Clan of Caffeinium, a society that has long since vanished but whose cultural influence can be still be seen around the world. Fortunately, in the late 20th century the mysterious island was discovered by a group of drunk bass fishermen. We have since resurrected the ancient coffee varietal and endeavored to meticulously reproduce the specialized way in which it was historically processed. Delusia coffee beans are planted during the equinox, then hand-picked during the full moon by pixies, who carefully soak them in a vat full of the tears of people who watch The Bachelorette. Before they are roasted, the beans are blessed by a secret society of Boy Scouts as part of an elaborate ritual involving slam poetry and interpretive drumming. Roasting then takes place for exactly 47 hours and 2 minutes, a process which is carefully monitored by a New Jersey accounting firm. The flavor profile of Delusia is exceptional and completely unexpected, boasting hints of chocolate, lavender and ham. Renowned for its smoothness and consistency, our experts suggest pairing it with a fine grilled cheese. We think our customers will greatly enjoy this new and exotic flavor, offered exclusively by Whole Latte Love. Once you’ve tried it, please leave us a review and let us know what you think!