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Entertaining with Coffee and Espresso for the Holidays

Holiday Espresso

With the holiday season comes a lot of parties filled with delicious food, fine wines, and cheer all around. When dessert hits the table, it’s time to break out the coffee and espresso. The type of machine you have, either semi-automatic or super-automatic, determines the type of host you can be. Are you the button pressing, auto-frothing cappuccino maker with a super-auto? Could you be the craftsman and entertainer, carefully crafting each person’s order with a little bit of showing off in between? Let’s not count out the drip coffee lovers, either. Delivering a hot batch of fresh coffee to the table is never to be overlooked, especially during the holidays!

Pulling Personalized Espresso Shots with a Semi-Auto

Like a chef making his specialty dish for the holiday party, you have the power to pull incredible shots and froth milk to a fine-microfoam with your handy steam wand. That kind of skill might allow you to dabble with a little showmanship as you’re making drinks, impressing your soon-to-be caffeinated friends and family along the way. Make lattes and cappuccinos galore with precision to show your guests how much you care by giving them the gift of their own personalized drink, crafted with your own two hands and excellent barista skills.

The Super-Auto Gives the Gift of Spare Time

The importance of time cannot be overstated during the holidays. With the vast amount of party planning, shopping, and preparation, the entire month of December speeds by in what feels like just a few days. With a convenient and speedy super-automatic espresso machine, you can push just a few buttons to easily create a bevy of cappuccinos, lattes, and espresso shots to make a good meal even better in just minutes. For the host who has already done everything to make their party perfect, let the super-auto do the work for you, so you can sit down, relax, and sip on a hot holiday latte with your guests and take in the moment, together.

For a little festive fun, try these espresso recipes with either your Super or Semi-Automatic machines:

Drip Coffee: (Holiday) Cheers All Around

The classic staple in the American household for parties both big and small. You get to brew the big batch of coffee and emerge into the dining room with the holiday treasure: a steaming carafe full of piping hot, simple coffee to go with any dessert you so desire. There’s no guesswork with drip. Put out a tray of sugar, cream, and a little eggnog and let your guests build their perfect cup o’joe.

With a few ingredients, you can even spice up your drip coffee and make delicious holiday-themed drinks to keep the night warm and your guests happy:

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