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How To: Basic Espresso Technique - Dialing in Grind Size

Learn how to dial in coffee grind size for making espresso. Marc from Whole Latte love shows you a basic technique for setting grind size to make good espresso. Learn about dosing weight, tamping, how to determine if a machine needs a flush prior to making espresso and how to flush a semi-automatic machine if required.

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How To: Milk Frothing & Latte Art with Professional Barista Sapphire

Latte artist, Sapphire, joins Marc from Whole Latte Love to cover milk frothing techniques and latte art. As a local leader in the coffee community, Sapphire shares her knowledge and best practices on steaming. She will answer questions such as milk temperature and sweetness, pouring tricks, and how to make the perfect latte.

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Scale in Dual-Boiler Machines

If you have or are considering a dual-boiler espresso machine here’s how you can eliminate or reduce scale build-up.

So scale is the enemy of espresso machines and with dual boilers descaling is usually the work of a professional technician. So today how to eliminate scale altogether plus hang around for the one free and easy thing you can do to reduce scale build-up in a machine’s steam boiler.

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How To Choose a Coffee Grinder for Beginners

There’s simply no better way to better coffee than grinding your own beans fresh right before brewing.

Today a basic look at grinder types, terminology and things to consider when choosing your first coffee grinder. Plus, I’ll have some specific product recommendations - solid reliable choices depending on the type of coffee you are brewing, level of use and some other factors.

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How To Make Basic SCA Coffee Brew Water

The Specialty Coffee Association has specific standards for the water used to brew coffee to ensure a superior quality extraction of coffee solids. But how do you get to water which meets those standards?

Today, a relatively simple way to make water that meets the SCA standards. If you’d like to learn more about the Specialty Coffee Association standards use the link up here for my video that breaks down water parameters and how each affects coffee brewing.

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