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Review of ECM V-Titan 64 Espresso Coffee Grinder with Titanium Burrs

So the key specs on the V-Titan 64: It uses 64 millimeter flat titanium coated burrs, Extremely precise stepless grind size adjustment via a stainless steel worm gear, 450 watt motor, it has two grind time presets or operates manually and the housing is polished chrome over a steel frame. Later in this video I’ll show you just how accurate the Titan is as far as the weight of timed grinding from dose to dose. So stick around for that.

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Review: Jura E8 Espresso Machine with PEP

So the purpose of a super-automatic espresso machine is to make you coffee, espresso and milk based beverages like lattes and cappuccinos quickly and easily.

Today an in-depth look at a bean to cup machine that sets a new bar for drink quality, ease of use and value, the Jura E8. It incorporates 3 new features previously only available on Jura machines which cost nearly twice as much.

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Bean to Cup Single Serve Coffee Machines Review

For a really good cup of coffee the way to get it is from fresh ground whole beans. But for many dealing with a separate coffee grinder, loading up a drip machine. well it’s not something they have time for. So if you love good coffee, instant gratification and the ability to make 1 or two cups at a time - you know, so you don’t have to make a whole pot, then it’s time you took a look at an automatic bean to cup coffee machine.

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Baratza Sette 270 & 270W Coffee Grinders

If you are in the espresso or specialty coffee world you’ve probably heard about the Sette 270 grinder from Baratza.

Today an in-depth look at these unique new grinders. So I first showed you the Sette last April after they were introduced at the specialty coffee expo. They became available in limited numbers last fall and now production is in full swing. So availability it's much better.

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Review of the Profitec Pro 800 Spring Lever Espresso Machine

So, how do you make espresso without using a pump to create the pressure used in the extraction process? And what kind of machine produces espresso that many say is softer, smoother and sweeter?

The answer to both those questions is a spring lever machine like the Profitec Pro 800 I have here. Today an in-depth look inside and outside the Pro 800 and I’ll go over some key features that set it apart from other spring lever machines.

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Review of the Jura Giga W3 Professional Espresso Machine

Now Jura is a world leader in automatic coffee. Based in Switzerland they’ve sold more than 4 million machines. The Giga W3 Professional is their solution for high volume environments. It’s rated to produce more than 125 beverages a day. It’s like having a barista that’s always ready to serve your clients or staff.

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