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Review of Baratza Sette 30 AP Coffee Grinder

Baratza innovations changed home grinding for espresso and specialty coffee enthusiasts. About a decade ago Baratza introduced the Vario grinder. And to this day the Vario is still recommended as the entry-point into higher-end home grinding for espresso and specialty coffee.

Nearly ten years later and the Vario is still a major player in home grinding - and Baratza continues to innovate. Today an in-depth look at their newest product the Sette 30 AP. It’s the more affordable younger brother of the Sette 270 which came out in 2016 and was awarded best new product by the specialty coffee association.

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Compare Zero Retention Espresso Coffee Grinders

Do you grind out stale grounds before before dosing your portafilter? You know; run the grinder for a couple seconds to push out any grounds that were retained from last time and then just throw them away.

It’s something I often do and depending on the grinder you're using and how you use it, it may be the only way to be certain you’re getting a completely fresh dose.

So I have seven well know grinders here and I tested each to see how much ground coffee it retains after grinding. I’ll have detailed results of my tests in a minute - there were a couple of surprises, so be sure and stick around for that. I’ll also have some usage tips and opinions, and things I picked up when working with the seven grinders side by side for a day.

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Tested: Espresso Grinds Sifted & Analyzed - Manual vs Prosumer Grinder

Using sieves, we analyze and compare grinds from a manual and prosumer level espresso grinder. Marc from WholeLatteLove.com tests the particle size of grinds from the ROK Manual grinder and the Ceado E5P. Find out if the ROK can produce a grind quality matching the electrically powered Ceado. See how grounds particle size distribution above and below 500 microns compares between the ROK and Ceado E5P.

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Baratza Sette 270 & 270W Coffee Grinders

If you are in the espresso or specialty coffee world you’ve probably heard about the Sette 270 grinder from Baratza.

Today an in-depth look at these unique new grinders. So I first showed you the Sette last April after they were introduced at the specialty coffee expo. They became available in limited numbers last fall and now production is in full swing. So availability it's much better.

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The Baratza Vario Features

A few weeks ago, in anticipation of the arrival of Kona beans and my desire to brew it as espresso, drip and French press, I decided that it would be a great time to put a Baratza Vario to the test. Given its programmable features and ability to alternate among different grind settings, I figured that it would be the perfect grinder for the job.

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Baratza Forté Burr Grinder Review

Named Best Commercial Product by the SCAA in 2013, the Baratza Forte Burr Grinder is top of the line. Marc and Morgan review the Baratza Forte-BG (Flat Steel) and the Baratza Forté-AP (Flat Ceramic).

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