Compare Zero Retention Espresso Coffee Grinders

Do you grind out stale grounds before before dosing your portafilter? You know; run the grinder for a couple seconds to push out any grounds that were retained from last time and then just throw them away.

It’s something I often do and depending on the grinder you're using and how you use it, it may be the only way to be certain you’re getting a completely fresh dose.

So I have seven well know grinders here and I tested each to see how much ground coffee it retains after grinding. I’ll have detailed results of my tests in a minute - there were a couple of surprises, so be sure and stick around for that. I’ll also have some usage tips and opinions, and things I picked up when working with the seven grinders side by side for a day.

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Tested: Espresso Grinds Sifted & Analyzed - Manual vs Prosumer Grinder

Using sieves, we analyze and compare grinds from a manual and prosumer level espresso grinder. Marc from tests the particle size of grinds from the ROK Manual grinder and the Ceado E5P. Find out if the ROK can produce a grind quality matching the electrically powered Ceado. See how grounds particle size distribution above and below 500 microns compares between the ROK and Ceado E5P.

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Espresso Single Dose Tamper Trick with Ceado Grinders

Learn how to stop "Popcorning" of coffee beans when grinding single dose without a bean hopper in Ceado espresso coffee grinders. Marc from shows you a cool way to use a tamper with a Ceado grinder when grinding for single dose without the bean hopper.

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Review of Ceado E5P Espresso Coffee Grinder

Looking for a commercial-level, espresso focused grinder that’s a real value? Well, stick around for an in-depth look at an affordable solid performer.

Today we look at the E5P from Ceado. The basics: the E5P is a doserless grinder, so you grind directly into a portafilter. Its 300 watt motor spins a 64 millimeter flat stainless steel burr set at 1400 RPM. Grind size adjustment is step-less so you can make extremely fine adjustments when dialing in your shots.

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Learn About Ceado Grinders

As with most products we carry there is a history the company has of creating great products. This dedication to exact standards, combined with new design and engineering by Ceado has resulted in these features.

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