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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing Coffee Beans (But Are Too Afraid to Ask)

The search is over. You’ve found the perfect machine to match your love affair with coffee: a super-automatic that grinds, brews, and even makes a mean cappuccino at the push of a button. (And, no, it won’t give you side-eye for using soy milk.) Now, the thing is, you had something going on before with some oilier coffee that made frenemies with your machine, and you’re not quite sure how to call it quits. Were you really on cloud nine, or was it just your head that was in the clouds?

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Aloha Island Espresso

Mike & Morgan try the new Aloha Island Diamond II Organic Kona Coffee Blend Whole Bean. This is a private-reserve blend hand selected to cater to the gourmet coffee aficionado. Diamond II is a smooth blend of 100% Kona, Hawaiian and Tropical Coffees.

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Myths About Flavored Beans

My mouth always waters at the sound of a vanilla or hazelnut flavored espresso drink. And when strolling through the supermarket I've begun to notice more and more the many varieties of coffee beans available. Flavors from French roast to raspberry to chocolate...

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