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Entertaining with Coffee and Espresso for the Holidays

Holiday Espresso
With the holiday season comes a lot of parties filled with delicious food, fine wines, and cheer all around. When dessert hits the table, it’s time to break out the coffee and espresso. The type of machine you have, either semi-automatic or super-automatic, determines the type of host you can be.

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Chocolate Cappuccino

Shane shows you how to make his favorite drink: The Chocolate Cappuccino. All you need to make this drink is a double shot of espresso, steamed chocolate milk, frothed milk and some whip cream & chocolate sauce to top it off. Enjoy!

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Kraken Cappuccino

Morgan shows you how to make a Kraken Cappuccino. This tasty recipe has rum, frothed milk, cinnamon, espresso, butter and nutmeg. She uses Kraken rum in this video but any rum will work with this recipe.

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Vanilla Soy Cappuccino

Morgan shows you how to make a Vanilla Soy Cappuccino on the Gaggia Brera espresso machine. She is using Pacific Natural Foods Vanilla Soy Blenders which creates a nice froth for cappuccinos.

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Cappuccino Muffins

As you can tell, most of us are avid coffee drinkers here. I enjoy experimenting with new ideas and finding great flavor combinations. The most recent recipe that I have stumbled on is for cappuccino muffins. They go great with the morning coffee and also make an enjoyable after-dinner desert. You’ll find the recipe below, please let me know what you think.

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Milky Way Cappuccino

As big a fan as I am of specialty and third wave coffee, every now and then I like to indulge in some cream and sugar. To that end, I've turned one of my favorite candy bars into a cappuccino. I'm happy to present the Milky Way Cappuccino, this simple drink only has three ingredients and takes just minutes to make. This cappuccino is out of this world!

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