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Salted Caramel Espresso Milkshake

Learn how to make a delicious Salted Caramel Espresso Milkshake! This is a very easy recipe to make at home for all of you Whole Latte Lovers. The key ingredient for this recipe is Monin's NEW Salted Caramel Syrup

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Caramel Flan Latte Recipe

Hi everyone, it’s definitely been too long since I last posted a recipe so I’m glad I have the opportunity to do something about that today! Our recipe owes its namesake to flan, a popular Spanish dessert. This flavor combination has become quite popular here in the US as well, so we found a recipe that you can use to make your own Caramel Flan Latte. Check out the recipe below to get started!

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Caramel Frappes and Espresso Martinis Recipe

The weekend is usually a time to kick back and relax, but, if you're like me, it's also a perfect opportunity to experiment with some new recipes! As the dog days of summer close in, cool off with a refreshing caramel frappe, or liven up your nights this weekend with an espresso martini!

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Milky Way Cappuccino

As big a fan as I am of specialty and third wave coffee, every now and then I like to indulge in some cream and sugar. To that end, I've turned one of my favorite candy bars into a cappuccino. I'm happy to present the Milky Way Cappuccino, this simple drink only has three ingredients and takes just minutes to make. This cappuccino is out of this world!

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