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Scale in Dual-Boiler Machines

If you have or are considering a dual-boiler espresso machine here’s how you can eliminate or reduce scale build-up.

So scale is the enemy of espresso machines and with dual boilers descaling is usually the work of a professional technician. So today how to eliminate scale altogether plus hang around for the one free and easy thing you can do to reduce scale build-up in a machine’s steam boiler.

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How To Test Water Hardness for Espresso and Coffee Machines

You have a new espresso or bean to cup coffee machine and it came with a water hardness test strip that looks like this. In this video I’ll tell you why it’s important, show you how to use it and how to interpret the results.

So what the water hardness test strip measures is the level of minerals in the water you will be using in your machine. That’s important because harder water which is water with a higher mineral content will cause scale to build up faster within your machine. And long-term, scale build-up is the number one reason premature machine failure.

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