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Espresso Machine Energy Usage and Cost

So just how much power does a prosumer level espresso machine use? So I got our kilowatt power meter out and did some testing to find out how much energy a machine like this dual boiler Profitec Pro 700 uses. In a minute I’ll have the results. we’ll take a look at how much energy it used in 2 hours from cold start up and energy consumption per hour when sitting idle.

But I want to hear from you too. Use the comments below and tell us about your routine. Do you turn it on just for use then turn it off? Do you leave it on all day? Or maybe you just leave it on all the time. Very interested to hear what you do and why.

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7 Coffees With a Conscience

Kimbo's Integrity Whole Bean Espresso is 100% Arabica blend of coffees originating from Brazil and Peru. This medium roast produces a sweet cup with a suave aroma and a delicately acidic body.

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Single-Serve Coffee Cups and Capsules Go Eco-Friendly

Ask the experts and many of them will tell you the same thing: the single-serve coffee category is hotter than freshly brewed java. Fueled by convenience, the time-saving system that lets users prepare drinks by the cup is gaining popularity worldwide. Yet, since their inception, single-serve cups and capsules have had to dodge the criticism that they’re inherently bad for the environment.

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Deciphering Coffee Certifications

For some of us, having a cup of coffee is as routine as putting on our shoes every morning. We drink it for the pick-me-up and, of course, the taste. But is it possible for our daily coffee, espresso, latte, or cappuccino to do someone else a bit of good?

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Going Green with Coffee

Marc and Morgan suggest tips on how to be a more environmentally conscious coffee consumer. World Environment Day is 6/05. If you have more tips on how to be an eco-friendly coffee drinker, please share them with us!

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Lavazza Tierra - Responsible Espresso

Luigi Lavazza, founder of Italy’s #1 coffee brand, famously proclaimed, “I will not live in a world that destroys the riches of nature!” Since its inception, Lavazza has strived to conduct business with socially, environmentally and culturally friendly practices.

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