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French Press Brewing Guide

The French press is both a device and method for brewing coffee. The device itself is simply a container with a plunger attached to a metal filter, which separates the grounds from the brewed coffee. A major advantage of this brew method is the precision afforded the brewer, given the control over the grind size, water temperature and steeping time. As with any brew method, adjusting any of these elements allows you to personalize what ends up in your cup.

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French Press Coffee Taste, Process, and History

French presses, or press pots, are normally thought of as one of the oldest ways to prepare coffee, however, this is somewhat of a myth. The French press had been conceptualized in the 1800’s, but a fully functional model was not available to the coffee drinking public until the very early 1900’s, well after the vacuum pot was made popular.

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Brewing With the French Press

There are all kinds of ways to brew coffee, some I’ve experimented with, and some that I have yet to try. With specialty coffee becoming more and more prevalent in America, there’s been a branching out of brewing methods, as baristas embrace more unique approaches to preparing coffee.

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