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Espresso Virtuoso: A History of illy

Today we're here to talk about illy, one of our strongest partners in the industry and distributors of superlative coffee. illy has been one of coffee’s most ambitious and innovative companies since Francesco Illy set up shop in Trieste, Italy in 1933. In 1934, illy patented their pressurization process, allowing them to package their beans right after roasting, retaining their aroma and freshness until the can is opened.

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Espresso for Beginners: History and Common Misconceptions

So there are many different ways to make a coffee and In many parts of the world when you order a coffee what you’ll get is espresso. It’s also the coffee part of drinks like the cappuccino, flat white, latte and other drinks collectively referred to as milk-based espresso beverages

Today an up close look at espresso, what it is, and some common misconceptions.

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A Brief History of Coffee

Arguably everyone in the world has tasted coffee, or at the very least they’ve heard about it. Hard to believe there was a time before coffee--crazy to think we could survive without it, I know, but it’s true. The plant originated in the relatively small country of Ethiopia where it was consumed in it’s cherry form for several hundred years before the roasting and brewing process was discovered. Coffee’s popularity as a beverage grew significantly but was contained to the greater Arabian area until some traders and smugglers got in the game.

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The Many Ways of Making Coffee and Espresso

Attention caffeine cowboys! Are you ready to get adventurous? Get ready to become a coffee connoisseur 'cause there’s more than one way to get your go-juice! So if you’re ready to really taste coffee - to experience it more like a fine wine with subtle flavor variations here’s a look at some brewing methods to get you there.

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