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Gaggia Baby Steam Valve Cam Alignment

The following are step-by-step instructions for fixing a spinning steam knob on a Gaggia New Baby espresso machine, and/or a failure to produce steam/hot water when the knob is fully opened on a Gaggia Baby Twin.

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How to Determine if a Thermostat or Fuse Repair is Needed

Well we all know winter is here, right? And with the exception of some states in the south and southwest, we are all feeling the chill. Not too fun, is it? Well, the natural solution would be to cuddle up to a warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. But what do you do when your espresso machine stops heating like it used to? (Panic not being an option!)

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What is a Three-Way Solenoid?

So you’re finally getting to researching machines, and as you do, you get a bit of an information overload. Pretty much everyone does. One of the first features that throws people off is the three-way solenoid valve, and what it means.

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