Compare Top 3 Heat Exchange Boiler Espresso Machines 2017

Today an in-depth comparison of three of my favorite semi-automatic machines with heat exchange boilers. We’ve got the Expobar Office Lever - my pick for performance value. The Profitec Pro 500 which is beautiful and refined inside and out. And the Rocket Espresso Giotto a heat exchange machine with PID available in rotary and vibration pump versions. We’ll take a close look inside the machines, go over individual features and hopefully help you decide which might best fit your needs.

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Compare the Top 4 Dual Boiler Espresso Machines 2017

Looking for Semi automatic dual boiler espresso machines? These are the top of the line in home espresso.

Today an in-depth comparison of four of our favorites. the ECM Synchronika, Rocket R58, Profitec Pro 700 and the Expobar Brewtus IV-R. We’ll find out how they are similar and different and help you decide which one best fits your style.

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Review of Giotto and Mozzafiato Machines from Rocket Espresso

Back in 2007, Rocket Espresso came together to dedicate themselves to high end espresso and powerful commercial-grade machines for the barista at home. The word “Mozzafiato” roughly translates to “breath-taking” in Italian, and “Giotto” comes from the late Giotto di Bondone, an acclaimed Italian painter and architect from Middle Age Florence.

Rocket continues its artful tradition of beautiful, but powerful hand-crafted machines. Today an in-depth look at their Mozzafiato and Giotto machines.

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Espresso Machine Energy Usage and Cost

So just how much power does a prosumer level espresso machine use? So I got our kilowatt power meter out and did some testing to find out how much energy a machine like this dual boiler Profitec Pro 700 uses. In a minute I’ll have the results. we’ll take a look at how much energy it used in 2 hours from cold start up and energy consumption per hour when sitting idle.

But I want to hear from you too. Use the comments below and tell us about your routine. Do you turn it on just for use then turn it off? Do you leave it on all day? Or maybe you just leave it on all the time. Very interested to hear what you do and why.

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Review of the Expobar Brewtus Line

In the world of shiny stainless steel prosumer espresso machines, the Expobar Brewtus is nothing short of a rock star. Like any proper celebrity, it has a large, devoted following. Countless forums are scattered throughout the Internet populated with die-hard Brewtus fanatics ready to debate, defend and expound upon the virtues of this semi-automatic line. Just as one eagerly awaits an album or movie debut, Brewtus devotees have been on the edge of their seats anticipating the next generation of the iconic line.

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