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Compare Rancilio Silvia M and ECM Casa V Espresso Machines

The Rancilio Silvia is a well regarded, long-time favorite of those desiring an affordable, quality espresso machine in the single-boiler dual-use class. Today a comparison of the Silvia to a new machine from ECM, the Casa V.

So for more than a decade the Silvia has kind of been considered the premier entry-level machine for home espresso enthusiasts. Many owners affectionately refer to theirs as miss Silvia. But could the ECM Casa V be a new contender for the unofficial title of premier entry-level machine? Stay tuned and find out as I have results of side by side performance tests and I’ll compare features, specs and build quality.

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Review of the Profitec Pro 800 Spring Lever Espresso Machine

So, how do you make espresso without using a pump to create the pressure used in the extraction process? And what kind of machine produces espresso that many say is softer, smoother and sweeter?

The answer to both those questions is a spring lever machine like the Profitec Pro 800 I have here. Today an in-depth look inside and outside the Pro 800 and I’ll go over some key features that set it apart from other spring lever machines.

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Espresso Machine Boiler Types

So you’ve been thinking about purchasing a semi-automatic espresso machine for home use. You start your research and boom! out come a number of acronyms that do not make sense to a newbie. If you have not seen them yet, you will. The main ones are SBDU, HX and DB. Those acronyms refer to the boiler or boilers of the machine.

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Quality, Affordable Home Use Machine

I often get asked to recommend a quality espresso machine that won’t break the average budget. So, I thought I’d share my experiences with one machine, in particular, that performs well and has an affordable price tag to boot.

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Espresso Crema

Crema is the tiny bubbles that form when you’re extracting a shot using an espresso machine. When you see crema you know you are getting a great shot of espresso. Crema requires the right coffee, grind, temperature, and pressure, as well as a quality espresso machine.

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What is Rapid Steam?

As you go through the Website, you will notice many different phrases and words. When you are choosing a machine, it is important to understand what these phrases and words mean and why they may or may not be important to your buying decision.

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How to Operate Semi-Automatic Machines

Hello again coffee enthusiast and espresso machine shoppers. In Part Two of the machine-types blog series, we will be going over the Semi-Automatic Espresso Machine. This type of machine strikes a comfortable compromise between user control and user convenience.

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