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Discover the Unique Flavor of Teaposy

Ever wonder what a Teaposy flowering tea taste like? This is a question we receive quite frequently. Teaposy teas are created from the finest Silver Needle White Tea, and lightly scented with fresh Jasmine flowers. Each tea is individually hand-sewn with cotton thread combining tea leaves and a real flower.

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Teaposy Concert Series

As most classic music buffs know, a concert is a piece of music written for an orchestra and soloist. Everyone form Mozart to Vivaldi and Beethoven wrote their fair share and modern composers continue writing them today.

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Teaposy Wedding

Summer is the perfect time for family vacations, relaxing and the familiar sound of wedding bells. This summer, my younger sister, Kirsten was married. As the younger sister, she received a lot of help planning her wedding from her older, married sisters. As we met to discuss the upcoming wedding, the topic of the favors was pondered by all. I brought with me a Teaposy blooming tea to enjoy; little did I know that this would become not only the centerpiece, but also the tea served and the wedding favor for the guest.

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A Deeper Look at Tea

Tea has a rich history dating back to about 2700BC. Today, tea production is in access of 2.5 million tons globally. Tea is grown in subtropical areas of China, India, Japan, Indonesia and Asia.

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Holiday Travel And Your Espresso

It may be the happiest time of the year, but this is also a busy travel season. Chances are, you or your loved ones will be taking to the roads, rails and skies in advance of the holiday celebrations. As always, good coffee and espresso can be hard to find when you're on the go. But, don't leave it to the roll of the dice this year, pack the following items in your suitcase and you won't have to be at the mercy of others when the need for a good beverage strikes.

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Bonjour Shut Off Tea Infuser Review

The Bonjour Shut Off Tea Infuser takes loose-leaf tea brewing to the next level with a removable metal infuser basket and French press-style plunger to give you full control of steeping time. The unique design makes it simple to filter your favorite tea and shut off the brewing process when you're ready.

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