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Compare Zero Retention Espresso Coffee Grinders

Do you grind out stale grounds before before dosing your portafilter? You know; run the grinder for a couple seconds to push out any grounds that were retained from last time and then just throw them away.

It’s something I often do and depending on the grinder you're using and how you use it, it may be the only way to be certain you’re getting a completely fresh dose.

So I have seven well know grinders here and I tested each to see how much ground coffee it retains after grinding. I’ll have detailed results of my tests in a minute - there were a couple of surprises, so be sure and stick around for that. I’ll also have some usage tips and opinions, and things I picked up when working with the seven grinders side by side for a day.

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How To Make Basic SCA Coffee Brew Water

The Specialty Coffee Association has specific standards for the water used to brew coffee to ensure a superior quality extraction of coffee solids. But how do you get to water which meets those standards?

Today, a relatively simple way to make water that meets the SCA standards. If you’d like to learn more about the Specialty Coffee Association standards use the link up here for my video that breaks down water parameters and how each affects coffee brewing.

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Gaggia Baby Steam Valve Cam Alignment

The following are step-by-step instructions for fixing a spinning steam knob on a Gaggia New Baby espresso machine, and/or a failure to produce steam/hot water when the knob is fully opened on a Gaggia Baby Twin.

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How To Test Water Hardness for Espresso and Coffee Machines

You have a new espresso or bean to cup coffee machine and it came with a water hardness test strip that looks like this. In this video I’ll tell you why it’s important, show you how to use it and how to interpret the results.

So what the water hardness test strip measures is the level of minerals in the water you will be using in your machine. That’s important because harder water which is water with a higher mineral content will cause scale to build up faster within your machine. And long-term, scale build-up is the number one reason premature machine failure.

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Espresso Machine Energy Usage and Cost

So just how much power does a prosumer level espresso machine use? So I got our kilowatt power meter out and did some testing to find out how much energy a machine like this dual boiler Profitec Pro 700 uses. In a minute I’ll have the results. we’ll take a look at how much energy it used in 2 hours from cold start up and energy consumption per hour when sitting idle.

But I want to hear from you too. Use the comments below and tell us about your routine. Do you turn it on just for use then turn it off? Do you leave it on all day? Or maybe you just leave it on all the time. Very interested to hear what you do and why.

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