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Espresso Machine Energy Usage and Cost

So just how much power does a prosumer level espresso machine use? So I got our kilowatt power meter out and did some testing to find out how much energy a machine like this dual boiler Profitec Pro 700 uses. In a minute I’ll have the results. we’ll take a look at how much energy it used in 2 hours from cold start up and energy consumption per hour when sitting idle.

But I want to hear from you too. Use the comments below and tell us about your routine. Do you turn it on just for use then turn it off? Do you leave it on all day? Or maybe you just leave it on all the time. Very interested to hear what you do and why.

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Espresso Machine Boiler Types

So you’ve been thinking about purchasing a semi-automatic espresso machine for home use. You start your research and boom! out come a number of acronyms that do not make sense to a newbie. If you have not seen them yet, you will. The main ones are SBDU, HX and DB. Those acronyms refer to the boiler or boilers of the machine.

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How to Determine if a Thermostat or Fuse Repair is Needed

Well we all know winter is here, right? And with the exception of some states in the south and southwest, we are all feeling the chill. Not too fun, is it? Well, the natural solution would be to cuddle up to a warm cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. But what do you do when your espresso machine stops heating like it used to? (Panic not being an option!)

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What is a Three-Way Solenoid?

So you’re finally getting to researching machines, and as you do, you get a bit of an information overload. Pretty much everyone does. One of the first features that throws people off is the three-way solenoid valve, and what it means.

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Pump Bar Pressure and Why You Shouldn’t Care.

Almost everybody who is looking to buy an espresso machine has been told that a machine with a 17 bar pump makes better espresso than a machine with a 15 bar pump. It was the old thought process of “if big is good, bigger is better” and I hear it all the time.

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Make your Super Auto Last Longer

Anyone who owns a car knows that you have to do specific maintenance on a regular basis to ensure the car lasts for several years. I keep the sticker in the windshield to remind me when my 3,000 miles are up, and it is time to change the oil again. Like a car, your super automatic espresso machine requires normal maintenance to perform its best. Here is a break down of simple ways to maintain a super automatic espresso machine

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