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Office Coffee for Millennials

So the workforce is changing. Turns out guys like me born at the tail end of the baby boom, well our days are numbered. Also numbered are the days of the office coffee pot. As a new generation is taking over the workforce their expectations for office coffee are changing.

So some stats from National Coffee Association, for older millennials, those aged 25 to 39, gourmet coffee consumption has doubled in the past 8 years and 50 percent of those older millennials consumed an espresso based beverage within the past week.

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Espresso for Beginners: History and Common Misconceptions

So there are many different ways to make a coffee and In many parts of the world when you order a coffee what you’ll get is espresso. It’s also the coffee part of drinks like the cappuccino, flat white, latte and other drinks collectively referred to as milk-based espresso beverages

Today an up close look at espresso, what it is, and some common misconceptions.

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Espresso Machines for Beginners

So, maybe you love lattes, crave cappuccinos or just really enjoy espresso. And, you’ve decided it’s time to have the ability to make your favorite whenever you want at home or in the office.

In this article I’ll cover the basic types of machines to help you decide which is best for your situation. You will learn the pros and cons of each type. And be sure to stick around for the end of the video. I’ll give you specific suggestions in each category. My “can’t go wrong” picks of machines that have excellent reviews, proven track records and represent good values.

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Espresso Crema

Crema is the tiny bubbles that form when you’re extracting a shot using an espresso machine. When you see crema you know you are getting a great shot of espresso. Crema requires the right coffee, grind, temperature, and pressure, as well as a quality espresso machine.

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A Beginners Guide to Coffee Grinders

The purpose of this section is to let you in on all the little things that you don’t normally hear about coffee grinders. I may be a little long winded in some of my explanations but I am trying, in the only way I know how, to cover a lot of content in a way that it is thorough and accurate.

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