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Quick Tips

Espresso Misconceptions

Do you know espresso? In this Quick Tip we set the record straight on 3 common misconceptions: What is espresso, is it bitter and which has more caffeine: espresso or drip coffee? The answers may surprise you.

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How to Create Latte Art

Todd from Whole Latte Love goes over the basics of what you need to know to get started pouring latte art. He shows you how to froth milk and gives you some tips for getting a nice consistency.

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What Type of Espresso Machine Is Right for You?

Do you want to be the barista or do you want a machine to do the work? In this Quick Tip learn about the two basic types of espresso machines. What are the differences between semi-automatic and super-automatic espresso machines? What is a One-Touch machine? Watch to find out!

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Choosing a Tamper

Purchasing a great quality tamper puts you on the way to making the perfect espresso shot. Morgan from Whole Latte Love gives you some quick tips to help you choose a tamper that fits your needs.

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Is Your Latte Too Hot?

In this quick tip learn about a common mistake made when steaming milk. Find out what temperature steamed milk should be for best flavor. Learn more and shop everything coffee.

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