Enter for a Chance to Win a Whole Latte Love-Exclusive Bezzera BZ13 PM or DE

by Brodie Inguaggiato Updated: September 02, 2022 2 min read

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ROCHESTER, NY– Whole Latte Love, the largest online retailer of espresso machines and everything coffee, is proud to announce a fantastic machine giveaway opportunity for the month of September. Two lucky entrants will win either the Bezzera BZ13 PM or DE espresso machine. Both models feature the most recent updates to a pair of Bezzera’s best-selling machines, and are exclusive to Whole Latte Love.


The 2022 versions of the BZ13 PM and DE now feature an automatic shot timer, a redesigned white PID for a more contemporary look, an updated wire style drip tray that stays cleaner and is less prone to scratching, and a bottomless portafilter included with every purchase.

These versions are exclusive to Whole Latte Love and the newest iterations of a pair of best-selling and extremely affordable heat-exchanger espresso machines from the Italy based experts at Bezzera.

 While not vastly different, the BZ13 is offered in the aforementioned two versions. With a single button to start and stop the brewing process, the PM is geared towards manual extractions. Whereas the DE has two programmable doses for single and double shots, in addition to the option for manual extractions. Both models are also NSF and ETL-certified, meaning they are compliant with safety regulations required for low volume commercial use. Coffee shop and restaurant owners, rejoice!

Bezzera BZ13 PM Espresso Machine

Bezzera BZ13 PM Espresso Machine

32 Reviews

The Bezzera BZ13 PM is a NSF and ETL-certified PID heat-exchanger espresso machine with incredibly fast heat-up times, phenomenal temperature stability, and rock-solid durability thanks to Bezzera’s in-house manufacturing team.

Bezzera BZ13 DE Espresso Machine

Bezzera BZ13 DE Espresso Machine

42 Reviews

The Bezzera BZ13 DE is a NSF-certified PID heat-exchanger espresso machine with incredibly fast heat-up times and phenomenal temperature stability.

Both the BZ13 PM and DE include premium features and capabilities like PID control for unmatched brew temperature accuracy, a heat-exchange boiler that allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming, and a speedy heat-up time of less than 10 minutes. Also present is a surprisingly large 3 L water reservoir, 1.5 L nickel plated copper boiler, two separate cup-warming surfaces, easy-to-use joystick lever operated valves, and a three-way solenoid valve that removes excess water from pucks after each extraction so they are dry and easier to knock out for a much easier clean up.

As part of Whole Latte Love’s industry leading catalog of espresso machine customizable products, both the BZ13 PM and DE are also available with premium wood species accents. Customization options include Rosewood accents for the joystick lever valves and portafilter handles. The DE is also available with black, white or red housing panel options.

Rosewood Accents Available

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Interested in entering the BZ13 giveaway? You can do just that by clicking here! You can also check out our video review and blogs both reviewing the PM and DE, and let us know your thoughts on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, and Facebook!

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Brodie Inguaggiato
Brodie Inguaggiato

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