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The Best of the Best: Why You Should Get a Prosumer Machine

by Ed McGuire Updated: March 12, 2019 | First Published: December 05, 2018 3 min read

If you're in the market for a new espresso machine, chances are you've been staggered by the sheer volume of choices available to you. There's a lot to choose from out there and the path toward brewing great coffee at home can feel nothing short of labyrinthine. If you're serious about your espresso and you want to brew the best drinks with the best equipment available, that choice can be that much more difficult. So, with that, we wanted to take a moment and go over who a prosumer machine is for and why that is, in detail.

Who is the Prosumer?

The Prosumer user is something of a professional who not only wants a coffee in the morning, or perhaps multiple coffees at different times of the day, the Prosumer wants to bring the quality of the cafe to their kitchen. They want all the craft, the allure, and the quality that's so intrinsic to the culture of coffee, on their counter. The Prosumer is someone with particular tastes, who knows what they want out of a coffee or espresso, and wants the tools to pull excellent shots on their own. For them, espresso preparation is a relaxing and even fun morning ritual, and an exciting point of discussion with guests. After all, coffee is, more than anything, a social experience and a quality espresso machine can speak volumes.

To the Prosumer, an espresso machine should be not only practical, but beautiful, observing a certain aesthetic finesse, with impeccable engineering you can respect. Put simply, if you're a Prosumer, you're likely someone who takes their coffee more seriously than others and you want to make sure your coffee is done right.

What is a Prosumer?

Brewing espresso

A Prosumer is a pro espresso machine that shares features and components with more expensive commercial espresso machines. More than that, these are the sports cars of coffee, all about performance as well as style. With that in mind, let's briefly discuss how it is that Prosumer machines elevate themselves above the rest.

First, these machines will most often have heat exchange boilers or dual boilers which allow for back to back brewing and steaming, as well as simultaneous brewing and steaming. This is a massive time saver, but more than that, these are key features ideal for making lattes or cappuccinos. By eliminating wait times between brewing and steaming, you can immediately deliver milk froth to your espresso, getting the most flavor out of your drink. When it comes to espresso, timing is imperative. To compliment this, built-in pressure gauges monitor brew and steam pressure, and add a certain expert look to a machine that's already looking smart.

The iconic E61 brew group aids in temperature stability, retaining heat before extraction thanks to its high thermal mass and a thermosyphon that circulates hot water through the group. The pre-infusion chamber also allows for a gentle infusion of water to soak the grounds in your portafilter for a more even extraction.

Just as well, PID controllers ensure temperature stability, essentially removing one of the many variables that go into making the perfect shot. For tinkerers and experimenters, adjusting the PID can better help extract some of the nuance from high-altitude or specialty coffees. Sometimes these PID controllers double as shot timers, handy for knowing when to ease off pump pressure and finish pulling your shot.

Rotary pumps allow for a much quieter brewing process when compared to vibration pumps, and ramp up in pressure quicker. Plus, they often accompany machines with direct water-line connections, allowing the machine to bypass the water reservoir and draw directly from your home's water-line.

Some Prosumers even sport full-color touch screen displays and light-up RGB side panels. Lesser machines can't quite get away with something so exotic.

Is a Prosumer Machine for you?

To be certain, a Prosumer espresso machine is for anyone who wants superlative coffee, espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos. Even if some of the features are more technical and not quite within your reach, a respect for coffee and what you drink is the core value that a Prosumer machine represents. If this is a value you share, then you can be sure a Prosumer machine will be a worthwhile investment.

Ed McGuire
Ed McGuire

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