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Wedding Season Gift Guide 2019: The Best Of The Best For The Bride & Groom

by Jahasia Cooper Updated: October 16, 2019 8 min read

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We can hear the wedding bells at Whole Latte Love and know that searching for the perfect gift for the bride and groom can be a daunting process. You want to be thoughtful and show that you really care about the couple and know them well. Thankfully, most people love coffee whether it’s to get them through groggy mornings or if they simply create espresso beverages as a hobby when entertaining guests. We’re glad you came to the experts because we’ve got the perfect gifts for any bride & groom to enjoy.

For the Busy Couple

The JURA S8 is a lifesaver for busy couples who have a lot going on and often find themselves rushing out of the house on busy mornings. I personally have to give a quick shout out to the JURA S8. After trying out this machine for two weeks, I love being able to use the J.O.E. app to get lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites or a simple cup of coffee on demand, on days where I’m running late. The S8 features programmable one-touch brewing making it easy to customize your coffee strength and temperature and save this customization for easy access anytime. The S8 is perfect for busy couples: it grinds, tamps, and brews over 15 coffee and espresso-based beverages, and with JURA’s P.E.P.(Pulse Extraction Process) technology the newlyweds will consistently get all of the flavors and aromas that they love from their favorite coffee, straight into their cup.

We highly recommend pairing the S8 with the customer favorite, Coffee MIO, for the busy bride and groom. It’s a great pick me up for groggy mornings and delivers rich and smooth crema that pairs well with velvety milk foam cappuccinos often prepared on the S8.

For the Couple with Different Tastes

The bride likes decaf, the groom likes all the caffeine that he can get. The quick solution for this dilemma is the Gaggia Velasca Prestige! This machine grinds tamps and brews fresh whole bean coffee and features a bypass doser for the couple with different tastes and preferences. The Velasca Prestige is a longtime favorite for many bean-to-cup lovers: it features adjustable 10-step grind size, adjustable coffee strength and users can opt for a longer or shorter pre-infusion time for a personalized touch to their morning espresso.

Couples will especially love the detachable milk carafe on the Velasca Prestige. No need to clean up after one another, the milk carafe makes it incredibly easy to keep things clean and hygienic, simply attach the carafe to the machine to make lattes, cappuccinos and more, and detach it to store it in the fridge for next time, it’s that easy.

To ensure this gift really tailors to couples with taste buds on opposite ends of the spectrum, we suggest picking up the Maromas Whole Bean Espresso Sampler and Lavazza Dek Decaf Espresso.

The Maromas Sampler features three packs of medium roast whole bean coffee with flavors ranging from fruits and nuts to rich and smooth chocolate. This gourmet sampler package gives you a taste of the flavors and aromas from the finest origins worldwide, and will definitely pair well with the Velasca Prestige and for the couple with a range of preferences.

Top it off with Lavazza’s Dek Decaf for the occasional decaf coffee and the bride and groom will be ecstatic to have a plethora of options to cater to their taste buds. This Arabica decaf whole bean espresso blend produces the richest and smoothest crema all without the caffeine, and our customers love it!

For the Adventurous Couple

The ROK EspressoGC and the ROK Grinder are a perfect set for the hands-on couple who are coffee culture enthusiasts. The manual process of crafting the perfect drink is well worth it for coffee lovers who love to experiment with different techniques to make the experience worthwhile. The ROK EspressoGC and grinder takes up minimal counter space compared to other espresso machines and grinders and does a great job at ensuring delivery of consistent grinds and even extraction.

Outback Espresso Sampler would pair well with the ROK EspressoGC and ROK Grinder. You’ll get three medium roast packs of whole bean coffee with a wide range of flavor notes and unique qualities. If the bride and groom aren’t afraid to try new coffees and flavors, this espresso sampler would be a great option to jump into the dark chocolate, hazelnut and caramel flavor notes that this sampler pack has to offer.

For the Couple Who Enjoys the Simple Things

You can’t go wrong with the Gaggia Brera. For the couple who just wants to press a button and get the perfect cup of coffee every time, the Brera is your go-to gift for the newlyweds. The Brera is a perfect balance between the simplicity of a bean-to-cup machine and the ability to control and program other functions such as steaming milk and your coffee’s strength and aroma. The Brera is also equipped with a ceramic burr grinder for even, consistent and fluffy grinds. The Brera features Gaggia’s Adapting system which automatically adjusts grind time and RPM to deliver the desired coffee quantity perfect for making for lattes, cappuccinos or your regular cup of coffee, the Gaggia Brera does all of the work for the user, and we love that.

We recommend pairing the Brera with the Maromas Orphea blend. If you don’t know, our resident coffee expert, Marc Buckman, loves to use the Maromas Orphea coffee to jumpstart his morning. It’s full-bodied and is a great option for couples who aren’t looking to do too much to their coffee for delicious flavors. It has chocolate and toffee flavor notes, and who doesn’t love chocolate?

For the Entry-Level Espresso-Loving Couple

The Gaggia Classic Pro is a classic choice for any bride and groom to celebrate their special day. The Classic Pro can whip up lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos, and more, and gets our stamp of approval for the most picturesque latter art. It’s undoubtedly one of our customer’s favorites because it’s entry-level-user friendly and is a perfect machine to start with because it can grow with the newlyweds as they master making espressos and milk-based beverages. Whole Latte Love offers a number of tools specifically made for the Gaggia Classic Pro, such as a shower screen, a barista pro basket, and a group gasket which all contribute to better extraction.

Pair this with one of Baratza’s highly rated grinders for entry-level espresso lovers, the 270Wi and Lavazza’s Espresso Coffee Sampler Pack. The 270Wi features a built-in Acaia scale for the perfect dose and 40mm conical burrs for a uniform grind, which are super important for an even extraction. 

With the Lavazza Espresso Sampler pack, the newlyweds can play around with preparing different drinks and fine-tuning their favorite flavor notes. This package features medium roast beans ranging from honey and dried fruit flavor notes to milk chocolate, vanilla, and jasmine. We have no doubts that this would be a fun addition to try with Classic Pro and 270Wi grinder.

For the Couple Who Are Coffee Connoisseurs

If the bride and groom are known as perfectionists who really know their stuff, there is no better option than ECM’s Synchronika with Flow Control espresso machine. It’s a great machine for coffee connoisseurs who want to play around with pre-infusion, steaming milk, and controlling boiler temperatures to explore all of the flavors in their coffee. The Synchronika is also equipped with a PID controller which gives you a live readout on how long you’ve been pulling a shot if there’s anything I know about coffee connoisseurs is that they love consistency and the details that go into perfecting the perfect cup of coffee.

Taste of Italy Espresso Sampler.The flow control on this machine is a great addition to the Synchronika, it allows the user to have full control over the flow rate during extraction which is why we highly recommend pairing this machine with the Ceado E37SD and Taste of Italy’s Espresso Sampler.

Ceado E37SD.The bride & groom will be able to play around with all three types of coffees in the sampler, get a super fine and fluffy grind size with the E37SD’s 83mm titanium burrs and create a bunch of fun espresso and milk-based beverages with the sampler pack. If entertaining is on the agenda after celebrating the wedding, you’ll get the see the Synchronika and Ceado E37SD in action whipping up lattes, cappuccino’s, ristrettos, macchiatos, and more one after the other, the dual boiler allows the machine to create drinks with no wait time, which is always a plus!

We hope you’ve found the perfect gift package for the bride & groom on their big day. Are they adventurous and love to experiment with new tools and coffee or do they want a grab & go coffee to set them on the right track for a busy day?

Jahasia Cooper
Jahasia Cooper

Jahasia is the newest Copywriter at Whole Latte Love. She has previous experience working as a Barista and on the management team at a coffee shop and is happy to share everything she knows and loves about the world of coffee and espresso. While she's not writing awesome content for Whole Latte Love, you can find her sipping on her daily cup of joe and daydreaming about becoming an empowered female Gazorpian.