AeroPress Brewing Guide

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AeroPress Brewing Guide

The AeroPress gets a lot of odd remarks. Although it looks better suited for use on the set of Breaking Bad or Grey’s Anatomy and was developed by a sport toy company, don’t let that confuse you out of trying it. This brewer is adored by the coffee community, and for good reason at just under thirty bucks it’s extremely affordable, plus it’s quick and easy to use.

So, what makes the Aeropress so good, and how is it different from something like French press or pour over? Well, it uses a paper filter like the pour over method and a plunger like a french press, but that’s pretty much where the similarities end--aside from the fact they all brew coffee, that is.

Step-by-step Brewing with the Aeropress

  1. Heat 7 ounces of water to 200 degrees.
  2. Insert a paper filter into the perforated cap. As with pour over you’re going to want to pre-wet the filter to remove any paper residue and heat up the brewer.
  3. After making sure your AeroPress is entirely dry, assemble it.
  4. There are two ways to use the AeroPress upright or inverted. Note The upright brew method is less popular because it allows some under-extracted coffee to drip through during brewing. Instead, most users invert their AeroPress and flip it right-side up when the brewing process is complete.
  5. Place the inverted AeroPress on top of a kitchen scale; tare it; and add 16-20 grams of coffee ground slightly finer than sea salt.
  6. Set a timer for 1 minute.

Prep time’s over; time to brew!

  1. Submerge the grounds and stir to ensure they’re entirely covered. Let sit for 30 seconds before adding the remainder of the water and screwing on the cap.
  2. When the minute’s up, flip the AeroPress upright over a cup and slowly depress the plunger. Note Here you’ll be able to tell whether or not to make adjustments to your grind. If it’s too easy, the grind is too coarse; too hard and it’s too fine.
  3. Remove the cap and fully depress the plunger to dump the puck.
  4. The end result in your cup is going to be pretty concentrated; you can cut it with hot water or milk. Contrary to the boxes’ claim it’s not really espresso--as it isn’t brewed under 9 bars of pressure--but it is definitely one strong cup of coffee.

Our favorite Aeropress brewing products

Watch our video to see the process

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