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Breville BTM600CLR the Smart Tea Infuser

By: Breville
Breville BTM600CLR the Smart Tea Infuser
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With the Breville Smart Tea Infuser BTM600CLR You'll never scald your oolongs and herbals again. This kettle acts and looks smart with its glass and brushed stainless steel design, and removable stainless steel loose leaf tea basket. The Breville Smart Tea Infuser makes it easy to steep your favorite teas at their ideal temperature. Simply select the steeping time and temperature for you tea type on the base; then a sensor monitors the temperature and alerts you when the perfect steeping time has been reached. The kettle stays warm for 30 minutes once removed from the base, giving you plenty of time to get cozy and enjoy your brew.

Pre-programmed Temperature Settings

  • 175°F / 80°C - Green Tea
  • 185°F / 85°C - White Tea
  • 195°F / 90°C - Oolong Tea
  • 200°F / 93°C - French Press
  • 212°F / 100°C - Boil and Black Tea

Temperature Sensor

A highly accurate sensor controls and monitors the heating process so you don’t have to.

Steeping Timer

When you hear the beep, remove the tea basket and enjoy.

30 Minute Keep Warm

Your tea stays warm for 30 minutes after removing the kettle from the base.

Push Button Controls

Select your tea type and steep time right on the base.

Product Specifications

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