Being in the coffee business has many advantages. In my former life, I was the type of person who would make a full pot of coffee first thing in the morning and take to mid-afternoon to drink the entire pot by myself. At times (cringe) I would even reheat the coffee in the microwave. On special occasions, I would run out to the store and purchase myself a latte.


Fast forward to the present and oh how my coffee experience has changed! I now have a Gaggia Platinum Swing Up in my kitchen. This super automatic espresso machine is the perfect compliment to my kitchen, complete with stainless steel appliances. It can make any drink I desire by simply pushing a series of pre-programmed buttons. Every cup of coffee I have is fresh and full of flavor. The coffee is never sitting in a carafe and being reheated over and over. I can simply place the beans of my choice (I prefer the Lavazza Gold) in the back and push my pre-programmed button. If I want a full coffee, I choose my long coffee button which is a shot of espresso and eight ounces of water. On days I prefer a more robust coffee, I make a double shot of espresso and use the steam wand to add hot water.

The machine has also changed how I entertain. My neighbors stop by quite frequently to enjoy one of my special drinks. On most Sunday mornings, the door bell is ringing prior to 9am. I open the door to see my neighbor with coffee cup in hand. She goes directly to the machine and fills her cup with a delicious fresh cup of coffee. In less than two minutes she is on the deck drinking a cappuccino.

Even the kids have been enjoying our Gaggia. My son has been very creative with how he uses the machine. In the morning he uses the hot water feature to make oatmeal. He has created his own personal specialty drink, which consists of chocolate syrup and steamed milk. My daughter, she is a coffee lover. I hear the machine grinding beans each morning at 5:30am as she gets herself ready for school.

The machine even has an option for a pre-ground coffee. This is perfect for my mom who believes she cannot have caffeine after 5pm. I know the caffeine has not affected me. I have a cup every evening at 10pm to help me relax and end my day.

I view our espresso machine as one of the most important appliances in our kitchen. Heck if I had to choose we could live without the oven first.

What is your coffee routine?