Coffee Celebration! 

Although we have been carrying Café La Semeuse for years now and many of our customers are in the know about this little hidden jewel of a coffee, I don’t believe we have ever formally introduced Café La Semeuse as a company. Featured in the New York Times three times and a two time winner of the Fancy Food Show, Café La Semeuse takes pride in the fact that its coffee has an exceptionally full flavor, yet never bitter taste.

Cafe La Semeuse

description of imageRoasted in Switzerland, the key ingredient to the “never bitter” taste of Café La Semeuse coffee is its high altitude roasting. By roasting at an altitude of 3300 ft, the reduced air pressure enables a full roast using less heat. This is how a full flavor can be achieved without burning the beans. Basically, the same principle that explains why water boils at a lower temperature in higher elevations applies to how Café La Semeuse is roasted. This coffee has been roasted the same way for more than a century, by three generations of the Bloch family.

In tasting the whole bean espresso blend recently, I can attest to the “never bitter” statement expressed by the company and will add that there is a nice, slightly sweet undertone to this blend. It is also amazing how dark of a roast this is without a burnt taste. In later blogs, I’ll post some of the other taste characteristics of Café La Semeuse’s unique roasts, specifically their decaf and fair-trade organic Soleil Levant coffees. Stayed tuned for our tour of Café La Semeuse!