Teaposy: Perfect For Everyone!

Fujian ProvinceEvery year we spend countless hours trying to decide on a special theme for each one of our children’s birthday parties. When my daughter was turning 11 she requested that we have a Teaposy birthday party. I introduced my family to Teaposy the week prior when I brought some samples home. This delightful tea blooms when you add hot water. It has a subtle flavor and being a white tea, it contains very little caffeine, which makes it a perfect fit for children.

What I liked about the tea was its quality and craftsmanship. The tea comes from the Fujian Province of China. Each Teaposy tea is hand crafted. The silver-needle white tea leaves are sorted by length, and a flower is then hand-sewn, using cotton thread, into the tea leaves. Once the Teaposy has been created, it is laid amongst real Jasmine flowers so that it can be naturally infused with the aroma. When the process is complete, each piece of tea is vacuum sealed to retain the flavors and freshness.

Cutting And Sewing TeaposiesThe day of my daughters birthday party, we set the table with eight Teaposy Blossom Gift Sets. Each gift set included a 12 ounce glass teapot, with a delicate wire handle and a 3 ounce cup and saucer. The girls were fascinated with the decorative box, which featured a photo of each of the Teaposies in bloom. Inside the box, they found six different Teaposies, each created with a unique flower including: rose, lily, camellia, carnation, chrysanthemum, amaranth, and calendula. I spread the Teaposies on the table, made small finger sandwiches and then the fun began.

Each girl un-wrapped a Teaposy and placed it into the teapot. I brought out boiling water and filled each teapot. This was the quietest minute; I have ever had with these girls. The girls were staring intently at the teapot, when we suddenly heard a large scream. One of the girls Teaposy had began to open and popped straight up into the water. She was so excited to see it bloom, she literally screamed. The girls were very excited as their individual teas came to life. They sat in my kitchen, most of the afternoon sipping tea, laughing and watching in delight.

Scented With Jasmine

I wanted each girl to have a special treat to take home, so I removed the brewed Teaposies and set them on a paper towel to cool. After about five minutes, I filled their individual teapots with cold water and then placed each Teaposy back into the teapot. Every girl was able to take home a beautiful table arrangement to share with their families.

Tea Time!

That evening, the phone began to ring. Several of the mothers had called to inquire about Teaposy. The girls were excited, when they arrived home, and shared their teapots with their moms. The moms wanted to know why they were not given a set for themselves! Several weeks later, I had our first moms’ night. I invited all of the girl’s moms, over and again, we sat and watched the Teaposies with delight. We still have these moms nights and laugh about how it started from a unique birthday party idea.