Degassing the Puff

“The bag of coffee that I just received is blown up like a balloon!”

Once in a while, this is a phone call that we field, here at Whole Latte Love, about some of our coffees, and our response is always the same, “Relax, don’t worry. Your coffee beans just have a little gas!”

Roasted coffee naturally releases carbon dioxide (CO2). The phenomenon is called degassing, which could cause the pressure inside a coffee bag to increase over time, and make it “blow up like a balloon”. To solve this situation one-way degassing valves were created. These valves let the CO2 escape without allowing air to re-enter the bag, resulting in a fresher bag of coffee. Unfortunately, there are times when the valves need a little help, so gently squeezing the bag should relieve the situation.

Degassing valves are a coffee industry standard on most of the brands hat we carry. Nevertheless, if you receive a puffy bag, your coffee is still fresh because outside oxygen has not been allowed to enter and cause the beans to spoil.

Of course the best way to preserve your fine coffee after you open it is in a cool, dry place, preferably in a vacuum-sealed storage system, like the Vacu Vin Vacuum Coffee and Tea Saver. Remember, freezing your beans is NOT a good way to preserve them. See our blog about storage here.

Have you ever had any experiences with coffee beans degassing in their bag?

How do you store your coffee?