Could there ever be such a thing as “the perfect machine”? Could anyone be audacious enough to claim that such a machine exists? Well, I am here to stake that claim for the Gaggia Classic.

In my opinion, the Gaggia Classic is, if not the world’s perfect machine, certainly the most versatile. With the most recent version, Gaggia is now shipping the units with a total of 4 filter baskets.

The unique thing about the Classic is it lets you brew any way you choose. It comes with a single and double pressurized basket, ESE pod basket and a double shot non-pressurized/commercial basket. So, you can you brew your coffee with the pressurized basket, and alleviate the anxiety of having to get the perfect grind for it, you also have the option of still brewing with the non-pressurized basket as well (for those of us that like that extra control over the brew process). Finally, Gaggia includes the pod basket so that you can use ESE pods as well.

Some machines come pod and ground ready, while others come with pressurized and non-pressurized filter baskets, the Classic is the only machine on the market prepared to accommodate all three brewing styles.

In my house, when my wife wants a latte, and doesn’t want to deal with messy coffee grounds, the Gaggia Classic allows her to use the pod basket with an ESE pod. If my mother-in-law is over, and wants a beverage, but can’t quite get the grind and tamp right, she just switches over to a pressurized basket and uses preground coffee to brew. Finally, I prefer to brew with the non-pressurized basket, in my brew style. The versatile Classic lets each of us brew using our preferred method.

All in a machine that even has an under-five-minute warm up time. A handsome stainless steel housing, with a three way solenoid valve, at a reasonable price; you can’t beat it.