The Gaggia TS has been manufactured for years but it is now ready for sale in the USA. It was designed to be used in the small cafés in Italy and it did a superb job. I acquired a sample of the machine, started testing it back in March, and was so impressed with the quality of the coffee, the steam power and design of the internal components I knew we had to sell it.

All machines have pros and cons on the internal and external sides. But, in my humble opinion the Gaggia TS does very well in both categories.


I like the exterior very much, since it looks and feels like a commercial machine; for me this is a “pro.” The body is made of powder-coated steel and features a stainless-steel cup warmer, control panel, splash plate and drip grate. The stainless steel legs are tall, so it is easy to clean under the machine without having to move it. Some folks like the machines with the mirror-like polished stainless steel that looks like a piece of art; so for them, Gaggia TS’s powder-coated exterior may not suit their preferences.


The inside of this machine is really something to appreciate; I could go on for a very long time explaining why, but I’ll just hit the highlights. First and foremost, the internals on the TS allow it to make an excellent espresso that is repeatable over and over again. The main reason is because it has an electrically heated brew group that is controlled by a thermostat. This puts it miles ahead of any standard single boiler heat exchanger machines whether it has the E61 Brew Group or not. The boiler in the TS does have a heat exchanger but the temperature controlled group heater takes out the temperature spikes and which gives it its amazing consistency. It does not match the adjustability of the PID controlled two boiler Expobar Brewtus III but it is still very respectable and its steam pressure can’t be matched. Please note that we have both four hole and single hole steam tips available to match your frothing skills.

The boiler is made of copper and it is what we call a horizontal boiler—this will help with longevity of the heating element. The three-way solenoid valve is very easy for service, down the road, and the steam and hot-water valves are true commercial quality components. Gaggia was kind enough to manufacture our machines with the commercial wand from one of it larger machine, this upgrade is exclusive to US models of the TS.

In short: the TS is simple in design, has great brew temperature control, lots of steam pressure. Yes, I love it…and now, I just have to get it past my wife.

I am happy to answer any question on the TS, or on any other machine you see on the site. Don’t be shy; let me know how I can help.

Todd Salzman

Tech Guy