Hawaiian coffee farmers are currently battling a Hypothenemus Hampei infestation that is threatening one of the world's most celebrated coffees. The Hypothenemus Hampei is a borer pest that burrows into the cherry, lays its eggs and feeds on the crop. The farmers' ability to manage the borer will determine how Hawaii's coffee fair for the coming seasons. But, for now, if you want a taste of the 50th state's famous exports consider one of Aloha Island's carefully selected offerings.

Aloha Island Coffee

Specializing in Hawaiian and Kona coffee, a specialty coffee grown on designated regions of the Big Island of Hawaii, Aloha Island caters to the discriminating taste of java lovers worldwide. The coffees are free of pesticides and have been carefully processed to ensure low acidity and vibrant taste profiles. In the mood for Hawaii's finest? Consider the medium-roast Aloha Island Vanilla Dream Ground. An 80-20 mix of Hawaiian and Kona coffee delivers smooth, aromatic brews that are the hallmark of Aloha Island.

Care For a Pure Kona Experience?

Try Aloha Island's Gold Kona Smooth Kings Reserve Medium Roast Hawaiian Blend. Choose from an espresso or coffee blend to suit your needs. All natural and organic, this premium blend delivers a dark and full-bodied coffee with a surprisingly smooth aftertaste. All of the coffees are hand cultivated, pesticide-free and Kosher so if you have not had fine Hawaiian coffee, this is the perfect place to start.