It's a new year and we're starting it off on a high note with brand-new coffees from Aloha Island. This company is known for its Kona and tropical coffees, which are hand-selected, all natural and organic. If you're looking for a new brew, take a close look at these Aloha Island offerings.

ESE Pods
For easy, mess-free espresso you can't go wrong with Aloha Island pods. Go for the Kona Blend ESE Pods, if you're on the search for a dark, full-bodied espresso. These espresso pods are made from pure Kona and Hawaiian Tropical coffees. Don't need the caffeine? You may want to consider the Aloha Island Pure Kona Decaf ESE Pods. These gourmet pods have been water processed to non-chemically remove the caffeine content. The result is full-flavored, aromatic espresso without the caffeine kick. The Aloha Island Kona Blend and Kona Decaf ESE Pods are both organic, a rarity when it comes to espresso pods. But, if you're looking for a one-of-a-kind product, check out the Aloha Island Certified Organic ESE Pods. These unique pods are made from hand-selected Estate Tropical Coffee and are USDA-certified organic...You'll be hard-pressed to find certified organic pods elsewhere.

Aloha Island Diamond II, Espresso II, and Gold II CoffeesWhole-Bean Coffee
We're also proud to introduce the Aloha Island Diamond II, Espresso II and Gold II, made from carefully selected blends of Kona, Hawaiian and Tropical whole bean coffees. Diamond II and Gold II are both medium-roast coffees; while Espresso II has a deep, dark roast. These coffees are blends, so they are more affordable than their pure-Kona counterparts—the Gold, Espresso, and Diamond. However, since Aloha Island only uses premium coffee to create its blends, you can still expect well-balanced, flavorful and aromatic beverages.

Aloha Island Assorted Bonzai Pipeline and Surf's Up CoffeesUSDA-Certified Organic Paradise Blends
The most notable Aloha Island additions are the Paradise Blends, in eye-catching red bags of whole bean and pre-ground coffee. With exuberant names like Bonzai Pipeline and Surf's Up, these coffees embody Hawaii's unique spirit. Surf's Up (ground and whole bean) is a smooth, easy-going breakfast blend made of Certified Organic Tropical Coffee. Bonzai Pipeline, on the other hand, is dark, adventurous and unapologetically intense. It is also USDA-certified organic and available in 8-ounce bags of whole bean or ground coffee.

Aloha Island Chocolate, Vanilla, and Hazelnut CoffeesFlavored Coffee
For the first time ever, Whole Latte Love is offering flavored coffee. We've partnered with Aloha Island to bring you fine Hawaiian coffee with infused with notes of chocolate, vanilla and hazelnut. Aloha Island Vanilla Dream ground and whole bean coffee are made from 100% Hawaiian Arabica and infused with sweet vanilla flavors. Hazelnut Paradise ground and whole bean coffees feature a medium roast and a warm, welcoming hazelnut aroma. Sure to be a fan favorite, Aloha Island Chocolate ground and whole bean coffee has unforgettable dark chocolate notes and a pleasing aftertaste. All Hawaiian Tropical Blends, including Chocolate, Vanilla Dream and Hazelnut are organic and fair-trade, so you can indulge in your favorite beverages with peace of mind.

If you've been stuck in a coffee rut, break out of it with these brand-new Aloha Island coffees. We have over 20 products available from Aloha Island, there's bound to be something to cater to your tastes and preferences.