In the sales department, we consistently hear one question from customers when talking on the phone with them. The phrasing may vary, but this question can be applied to each and every machine we carry…”How long can I expect this machine to last?” While we can’t give specific date ranges because of the number of variables are involved in the outcome. Variables range from the obvious such as the number of shots you pull per day, to the not so obvious like “How hard is the water you use in it?”

While every situation is different, there have been a couple of examples of the durability of the Gaggia Titanium in particular. A blog from a production company in New York City featured a machine that had 10,000 shots brewed on it. Since we didn’t actually sell them the machine, we didn’t spotlight it, but endeavored to find an even better example of the guts inside a Gaggia.

One of our customers, hailing from Texas, where everything (including espresso-machine counter totals) is bigger, posted 19,914 shots from their Gaggia Titanium, in the course of approximately 6 years. This is a phenomenal total, and not to be expected, but this picture is proof of durability through the persistence of regular maintenance.

The bulk of the issues we see when a machine comes in for repair stems from neglect. We always recommend descaling every three months or so, and a weekly cleaning of the brew group along with any applicable lubrication the group may needs. With proper maintenance we have found that most super-autos wind up between 5000 and 7000 shots, and for most users that comes out to 5 years or so.

What’s your counter up to? Feel free to send a pic and or count below.